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Custom Branded Bottled Water Price Points.

Custom bottled water we can create for your business or event is a  simple pricing structure for 8oz. 12oz. and (2) two types of 16.9oz. bottles.  We include full color labels with our straight forward price points.  Our labels are no peel and water proof, this means you can be sure your brand will always stick.  

Need help with design?  We can help create just the custom logo bottled water you are looking for at no additional cost.  Now, how cool is that?

Got questions? Feel free to email us or just call.  Don't be shy.  Information is always free.

All cases have 24 bottles per case.

16.9 oz.
Standard Bottles

12 oz. Bottles

8 oz. Bottles

16.9 oz. Tall & Short 

Cylinder Bottles 

16.9 oz Standard Bottle 12 oz Bottle 8 oz Bottle 16.9 oz. Cylinder Bottles

16.9 oz. Bottle Price
Points (Standard BPA-Free Bottle)

A full pallet  is 72 cases. 1,728 total bottles.
0.48 ea. per bottle

• 25 cases up to a 72 cases.
0.55 ea. per bottle

• 13 cases up to a 24 cases.
0.65 ea. per bottle

• Minimum order is 12 cases.
0.75 ea. per bottle

12 oz. Bottle Price  Points

• A full pallet  is 84 cases. 2,016 total bottles.                 0.62 ea. per bottle

• 61 cases up to a 83 cases.
0.65 ea. per bottle

• 25 cases up to a 60 cases.
0.75 ea. per bottle

• Minimum order is 24 cases.
0.85 ea. per bottle

8 oz. Bottle Price Points

A full pallet  is 120 cases. 2,880 total bottles
0.68 ea. per bottle

• 73 cases up to a pallet.
0.75 ea. per bottle

• 25 cases up to 72 cases.
0.85 ea. per 

• Minimum order is 24 cases up to 35 cases.
0.95 ea. per bottle

16.9 oz. Tall & Short Cylinder Bottles Price Points

• A full pallet of Tall or Short cylinder bottles 72 cases.

1,728 total bottles
0.82 ea. per bottle

• Minimum order is 24 cases up to a pallet.
0.89 ea. per bottle

Artwork & Delivery Costs Are Separate & Noted Below
Contact us below to get a quote or for more information.

Artwork/Setup Plate Charge: $139.00

• Artwork can be black and white to full color.
• We can design a layout for you at no extra cost.

File Types We Can Use

• PDF (Be sure all fonts/text are converted to outlines)
• Jpeg @300 dpi minimum

To maximize your label impression and fully engage your customers, consider adding the following:

• Images
• Text
• Website Address
• Phone Number
• QR Code (This should link to a video, mobile website, or an ad piece)
• Coupons

*Delivery cost is based on final destination point.

Rush service are available. Rush cost is determined at 1.5 times of the total cost.

Labels Labels Labels Labels Labels Labels

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